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Helical Cutterhead for DeWalt DW734/DW733 12-1/2 Inch Wood Thickness Planer

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The 12-1/2" helical cutter head is designed to replace the straight-knife cutterhead for DeWALT DW734 and DW733 thickness planer. In stock and ready for immediate FREE shipping!

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  • $319.99 $345.99
helical cutterhead for dewalt dw734 dw733

12-1/2" Helical Cutter Head

For DeWalt DW734 DW733 Thickness Planers
Findbuytool helical cutter head
  • Blades are set at an angle to offer a smooth true shear cut.
  • Dramatically reducing the noise level by at least 50%.
  • No sniping and tear-outs.
  • Producing much smaller chips and your dust collection system will function more efficiently.
  • 4 Cutting Wings丨54 Insert Knives

Findbuytool helical cutter head
  • This 12.5-inch helical head is compatible with DeWALT DW734 DW733 DW733-QS wood planers.
  • The tungsten carbide inserts are made from 100% virgin material, offering 40 times longer life time compared with HSS blades.
  • Changing blades is effortless and does not require adjustment.
  • No need to re-sharpen the blades any longer.
  • The recommended spec for torquing the knives is 6 Newton meters. Please refer to the manual for guidance on installing the carbide insert knives when replacing them.
  • In case you're unable to locate a cutter head that matches your machine model, we also provide an option for a custom cutter head.

helical cutterhead for dw734

Any Option Includes

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Rod B (Lee's Summit, US)
A good investment

I upgraded my Jointer to a carbide helical cutter head several years ago, and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I have wanted to do the same to my planer, but I wasn’t sure it was worth the expense and trouble. Then I came across some You Tube videos about this cutter head from FindBuyTool. It had some great reviews, and the price was in my budget so I gave it a try.

This head has 56, 4 sided, carbide inserts on a true helical 12 1/2 inch head. They even included 4 extra inserts, as well as two Allen head drivers for installing the inserts. Everything was packed very well, and arrived within one week of my order being placed. I have not used it on a project yet, but my initial testing looks very good. I had to do some adjustment of my tables to reduce some leading edge snipe, but the quality of the cut is very good. It is noticeably quieter, and the dust collection has improved tremendously due to the smaller chip size.

The most difficult part of the installation is seating the bearings of the new cutter head into the planer. Unfortunately there are no installation instructions that come with it, so I had to rely on the internet and You Tube. The tools included a deep socket that I can only assume was meant to help with this installation, but I was not sure how. I don’t have much experience with installing bearings, so I was afraid to bang on the bearings too hard. I ended up finding a large washer that was about the same diameter as the bearing and banging on it with a smaller PVC pipe to get it seated. Including good instructions would go a long way to making this a better product!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed review of our product. We are thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase and that it has been a good investment for you. Thank you for mentioning the extra inserts and tools included in the package. We apologize for the lack of installation instructions and we will definitely take your feedback into consideration. We are glad that you were able to find the necessary information online and that you were able to successfully install the cutterhead. Thank you again for choosing our product and for sharing your positive experience.

Baehr M (Sacramento, US)
Just Right

This helical cutter head for the Dewalt 734 is a perfect fit. Easy to install, works so much better and quieter than the old knifes. Last longer. The company is quick to respond to questions and to fix any issues. The price was more than fair. Quality was great.

Thank you so much for your positive review! We are thrilled to hear that our helical cutter head was a perfect fit for your DeWalt 734 and that it has improved your planing experience. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Thank you for choosing us and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.

Dave Parsons (Stayton, US)
Good deal

I put off buying a helical head cutter for my planer for a few years now due to the expense. I found these and they are very reasonably priced, so much so that I bought one for my dj20 jointer.
Haven’t used them much but love how well they work.

Thank you for leaving us a review. We hope you continue to love how well they work for you.

Jack Jones (Tonawanda, US)
Game changer

Definitely a game changer. Much better finish and doesn’t clog the dust collection like straight blades 12” chips don’t fit a 4” hose.. 3/4” does

Thanks for choosing our product and leaving a review! We are so happy that you are pleased with the cutter head!

Benjamin Achten (Palatine, US)
Happy so far!

The helical cutter head I ordered for my Dewalt DW 734 arrived as expected and in good condition. Install went well in part to the useful YouTube installation video. So far, I have surfaced some rough sawn pine and love how the new helical cutter head works!

Thank you so much for your positive review!

Dan Sherick (Yellville, US)
Great Helical Cutterhead

I watched a video a guy made on how to change one out. It was a good instructional video. So I bought one since I was having problems changing my blades out. Was very easy to do. The cutter head is a little quieter than the old head. The wood doesn't really need to be sanded afterwards either. Comes out with a glass finish. Very happy with this new cutter head.

Thank you for choosing our product and for sharing your positive experience with us.

Jon Percy (Austin, US)
Great Product!

Ink me in as a happy woodworker! My new cutter head has already saved me hours of sanding time since wood comes out of my planer ready for 150 grit. The shallow grooves left by my old two straight knives are gone. Snipe has been reduced to next to nothing. As an old mechanical engineer, I really appreciate excellent machine work - and FindBuyTool provides exactly that. Tolerances are excellent. Installation went smoothly after I watched the YouTube video. I recommend you take your time, clean and lubricate fastidiously, because how often do you tear your planer apart? Although it's tedious installing the cutters to the cutter head, FindBuyTool has done an excellent job machining the head so that the cutters seat exactly where they need to be positioned. I didn't really notice a reduction in noise but I added the helix head to improve the quality of the finish - and it has done that in a superior fashion. I was struggling with the idea of a $600 investment for my old DW733 but at $300, this is a no-brainer enhancement. I highly recommend this product!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review about the helical cutter head. Your recommendation and tips for installation are greatly appreciated. We are also glad to hear that the helix head has improved the finish of your wood in a superior fashion.
Thank you for choosing FindBuyTool and we hope to continue providing you with excellent products and service in the future. Happy woodworking!

Tomasz Musial (Bridgwater, GB)
Helical Cutterhead for DeWalt DW734/DW733 12-1/2 Inch

Great stuff really worth the money extremely smooth finish , game changer . Very quick delivery to uk /
Highly recommend .

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review of the cutterhead. We appreciate your recommendation. Thank you for choosing our product and for your support.

helical cutterhead for dewalt dw734 dw733

Helical Cutterhead for DeWalt DW734/DW733 12-1/2 Inch Wood Thickness Planer

From $319.99 $345.99

In stock and ready for immediate free shipping! Sent out from California to US customers. Arrive in 2 to 4 workdays!  Ready to ship with FedEx International Priority service in 1 workday to global customers. Tax is included in the price.

The helical cutter head is designed for DeWalt DW734/DW733 12.5-inch woodworking thickness planers.

Our upgraded helical cutterhead with 54 tungsten carbide inserts will leave the least tear outs and sanding after planing compared with helical spiral heads of other brands. The noise would be significantly reduced by 50% at least.

Helical cutter head for DeWalt dw733 dw734

True shear cut performance: blades are set at an angle, providing a clean shear cut and eliminating tear-outs.More teeth: 54 carbide inserts offer 54 cuts per round for superior cutting quality that you do not have to sand and reduce the noise level by OVER 50%.

Helical cutter head for dw733 dw734 cut quality

This well-machined helical spiral cutterhead perfectly fits DeWalt DW734 and DW733( including DW733-QS) thicknessers. The tungsten carbide insert knives are made from 100% virgin material, so compared with the original planer blades, we provide you:

  1. Perfect wood surface finish thanks to the 54 carbide inserts.
  2. 40 times longer lifetime from our proud carbide insert.
  3. Feed faster and more consistently.
  4. Same diameter as the original head.
  5. No sharpening and knife change any more.
  6. More than 50% less noise.
  7. The recommended torque for the knives is 6 Newton metersPlease refer to the manual for guidance on installing the carbide insert knives when replacing them.
  8. If you cannot find a cutter head for your machine model, we also provide an option for a custom cutter head.

Technical information

Max Wide of Cut 12-1/2 Inch
Cutting Diameter Same as the original head
Cutting Wings 4
Insert Knives 15x15x2.5mm-30°-R150-4R0.5
Screws M5 x 12

Any Option Includes


  • Hard Wood/Soft Wood/Artificial Wood


  • 12-1/2" Cutterhead
  • Cutterhead with 10 extra carbide knives
  • Cutterhead with 30 extra carbide knives
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