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Instructions for Replacing the Carbide Inserts

  1. When replacing inserts on the cutterhead, be sure to power down your machine for safety.
  2. Use an air blow gun and a wire brush to clear away chips and dust from the cutterhead, particularly around the insert seats, to avoid damaging the inserts or leaving marks on the wood.
  3. Turn the screw anti-clockwise to loosen. (If it's too tight or stuck, gently knock it, then loosen it with a torque wrench. Be mindful not to hit the insert.)
  4. Rotate the insert 90° to gain a fresh edge; ensure the orientation of the marks is the same, so you don't mix up the old and new.
  5. Press the carbide insert lightly and slip it into the seat, then turn the screw clockwise to secure it tightly to the cutterhead.
  6. The suggested torque for the knives is 6Nm.
  7. Ensure the carbide inserts are firmly in place in the insert seats to avert any potential breaking of the insert knives or cutting lines on the wood.
  8. Inspect the carbide inserts before operating the machine -- if any are broken, substitute them promptly to forestall risks or harm to items. Regularly ensure that all screws are securely tightened.
  9. The paper instructions feature incorrect images! Since the tops of the knives won't align with the top of the cutter shaft wall, the pictures below are accurate.

Seat carbide insert knife correct