10 Basic Types of Wood Joints and When to Use Them

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Wood joinery is one of the most familiar concepts for woodworkers, referring to the technique that joins pieces of wood together. Without this technique, we have to do all the woodworking projects on a single piece of wood. Therefore, every woodworker should learn about, at least, basic wood joints and which to use for...

6 Common Types of Router Bits Every DIYer Should Own

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For us woodworkers, the router is undoubtedly the most versatile power tool in our tool arsenal because it can be used in various woodworking projects, from edge trimming, mortising, engraving, to edge profiling. With different router bits (also called router cutters), the router is able to finish different projects. As a result, it is...

How to start woodturning

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Woodturning could be a very satisfying and rewarding hobby. After reading this article, you will find out why plenty people love wood work.