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CMT Router Cutter Bit Carbide Insert Knife 12x12x1.5mm-35°, 4 Edges

$2.39 $1.89
Router Cutter Knives
Carbide reversible insert knife 12x12x1.5mm is designed to be used on insert router bits, including CMT spoilboard surfacing router cutters with insert knives 663.003.11 663.004.11...

CMT 790.400.00 Indexable Carbide Insert Knife 40x12x1.5mm-35°,2-Edge

Router Cutter Knives
Same as CMT 790.400.00 indexable knives, the reversable carbide insert knife 40x12x1.5mm can be used with CMT 694.020 cutterheads for rabbeting. FindBuyTool indexable insert...

Amana RC-2247 Router bit Indexable Carbide Insert Knife 10.5x10.5x1.5mm,4-Edge

$2.99 $2.29
Router Cutter Knives
10.5x10.5x1.5mm carbide insert knife can be mounted on Amana RC-2247 Mini Spoilboard Surfacing Rabbeting Slab Leveler router bits. They are the replacement for the bottom cutters FindBuyTool insert...

Indexable Carbide Insert Knife 60x12x1.5mm for Rebate Cutter Head

Router Cutter Knives
The carbide insert knife 60x12x1.5mm is designed for router cutters and rebate cutter heads such as the Whitehill 660S00010 rebate head. Reference No. is 030T00060. FindBuyTool indexable insert...

Carbide Insert Knife 50x12x1.5mm-35° for Flush Trim Router Bits and Rebate Blocks

Router Cutter Knives
The 2-side carbide insert knife 50x12x1.5mm can be used with  CMT 657.992.11 Flush Trim Bit with Insert Knives CMT 657.994.11B Pattern/Flush Trim Router Bits with Insert...

Carbide Insert Knife 49.5x12x1.5mm for trend Rota-tip straight router cutter

Router Cutter Knives
Same as the trend RB/B rota-tip blade, the 49.5x12x1.5mm-35° 4-edge indexabale carbide insert knife is compatible with the trend RT/12MX1/2TC Rota-tip single blade cutter....

Indexable Carbide Insert Knife 30x12x1.5mm-35° for Flush Trim Router Bit

Router Cutter Knives
Straight reversible carbide insert knife 30x12x1.5mm 2-edge fits router bits with insert knives, including CMT 657.692.11 Flush Trim Bits with Insert Knives Fraiser FR.406 Pattern/Flush...

Indexable Carbide Insert Knife 29.5x12x1.5mm-35° for Router Bits,4-Edge

Router Cutter Knives
29.5x12x1.5mm straight carbide insert knife can be used on router bits with insert knives, including Fraiser FR.401 Straight Router Bits with Insert Knives trend...

Roundover router cutter replacement carbide insert knife 3mm Radius

$11.90 $9.90
Router Cutter Knives
Reference SKU / part numbers for this carbide insert knife: Festool 500369, CMT 790.030.04, IGM N034, Fraiser bits 407.KNIFE.R3. The blades are compatible with Festool Roundover Cutter with Reversible Blades 499808 CMT Roundover Bits with Insert...

LEUCO Grooving Cutterheads Grooving Knife 18x18x2.45mm HW

Router Cutter Knives
Carbide grooving insert is used on grooving cutterheads such as LEUCO grooving cutterheads with a groove width of 5 mm.  Reference Part No. includes LEUCO...

Grooving Knife 18x18x1.95mm HW for LEUCO/CMT Grooving Cutterhead

Router Cutter Knives
The 18x18x1.95mm carbide grooving insert is used on grooving cutterheads, including LEUCO grooving cutterheads with a groove width of 4mm. CMT 694.001 3 Piece...

Grooving Knife 18x18x2.95mm HW for Grooving Cutterhead

Router Cutter Knives
Carbide grooving insert is used on grooving cutterheads of different brands including CMT, Freud, Whitehill, Amana Tool, etc. The use of top-quality raw material...

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