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Product is great

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No Doubts

Replaced the cutterhead on my Dewalt 735 with this helical cutterhead and am very satisfied. Ran 200-300 bf of knotty pine thru the planer and came out much better than the results with the old style blade cutters. Little to no tear out. Price was a big plus.

Thank you so much for your positive review! I am more than happy that you enjoy the helical cutterhead!

Thicknesser carbide inserts.

Very happy, all went as smoothly as it should. No hesitation in recommending these folks.

Your words really made my day!

Great addition to my selection of router bits.

This one I needed to complete a job I’m working on!!! Thank You!!!

Awesome! I am more than happy that our bit helps you!

Helical Cutterhead for DeWalt DW735/DW735X/DW735-XE Thickness Planer, 4 Rows

Great product

Great product, great price and fast delivery

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So Far I'm More Than Impressed

It's Been about a month since I've installed the cutter-head and I have had zero-issues. The cutter head came well packaged and installation was straight forward. The resulting finish has been smooth with no chipping.

If I were to have one complaint, it would have been nice to include a wrench for removing the helical gear off the original cutter head.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review and provide us with your advice. Your feedback is deeply appreciated. We are currently giving serious consideration to the suggestion of including one more wrench in the package.

First time users

Very please with my purchase So far well please. Thanks you very much

Thank you very much for taking the time to review! I am more than happy that you enjoy the bit!

Helical Cutterhead for DeWalt DW735/DW735X/DW735-XE Thickness Planer, 4 Rows

Carbide spiral planer cutters 14x14x2


satisfied customer

The helical cutter was straightforward to insert (although the ring clamps are a pain) and the new head is quiet and cuts cleanly. I am quite pleased.

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good item and fast shipping

good item and fast shipping

Thank you for taking the time to review! We appreciate your feedback and eagerly await the opportunity to serve you again in the future!

Planer blades

Have not used yet but they should work fine

I guess they will:)

Helical Cutterhead for Dewalt

Head is great,,, Delivery & communication terrific.
Installation of head took several hours & the directions that came with were below expectations. Fortunately, there are many YouTube examples that were very helpful. Would buy again.

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Fits perfectly, works great.

I repeat, fits perfectly, works great.

Thank you!!

Axminster carbide spiral cutters.

I’m very impressed with the product. It fits my Axminster AT260SPT planer thicknesser perfectly, they cut really well and give a great finish. At around half the cost of the OEM parts a great option. Delivery to the uk took a lot longer than stated though at around 18 days so keep that in mind.

Thank you for your 5-star review! I am more than happy that you enjoy the cutters!

Impressive Tool!!

The helical head cutter for a DeWalt 735 planer is phenomenal!! All 3 claims FBT makes are true:
1. 50% quieter--I don't even hear the cutters cutting on 2''-4" wide boards. The most noise comes from the planer's chip blower.
2. 20% smoother cuts--At least, probably more. Surfaces are equivalent to 220 grit sanding, and that's on dimensioning speed. I can only imagine what hardwoods will come out like on finishing speed. Surfaces are glue-ready right out of the planer.
3. 20% less tearout--I ran some highly figured maple boards that had gone through my straight blade planer and had tearout in the swirling grain. A < 1/64" skim cut eliminated the pockets and left the figured grain as smooth as straight grain.

This helical cutter has almost revolutionized my milling processes. I can take rough lumber, cut it to size, run it through the planer, and it's ready to work. Some credit probably has to go to setting up the planer, but there is absolutely no snipe. I didn't have to angle the lumber to get perfectly flat surfaces. I could have put a coat of finish on the milled pieces right out of the planer. Truly, this is an impressive tool. It's worth every dollar.

Your words really made my day! Expecting the chance to serve you in the future!

Carbatec Replacement Bladeso

Very good service at a very economical price

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Thank you for approving our product! We look forward to the chance to serve you again in the future.

Excellent cutterhead

I've purchased two cutterheads for different tools from Findbuy and they both shipped from China and arrived inside a week to southern WI.

Overall machining quality is good with smooth surface finish, tight dimensional tolerance on the shafts I measured, and no burrs. Cutters locate properly and do not leave ridges from sitting at different heights. You still must take care when replacing/turning the inserts, working clean, but I have had no issues.

Bearings are unbranded but feel good and do not make noise. Time will tell with them, but I don't find them suspect.

The first cutterhead I received was made incorrectly and had the wrong pulley journal size. I contacted their support and inside of two weeks I had a new cutterhead at my door with the correct size. Obviously I would be nice if they had gotten it right the first time, but they took responsibility and made it right. They also updated their G8 style cutterhead listings so have realized the error and corrected it. Ultimately it came sooner than I would have gotten the part from the main US competitor that makes to order, keeping no stock, and also manufactured in Asia.

Cut quality is typical for helical carbide heads, which is to say very good. It does not completely eliminate tear out in all situations, but in most cases the surface finish is near flawless. Minimal sanding with higher grits will remove the slight 'scalloped' texture. Not only do the inserts stay sharp a long time, but you basically never have to adjust the outfeed table again. You can dial it in to eliminate snipe while still jointing true.

Very sorry about the first incorrect part, Aaron. We are constantly working to enhance our products and services. We appreciate your confidence and backing.

Carbide Insert Knife for Carbatec/HAFCO Thicknessers Planers 14.3x14.3x2.0mm-50°,2-Edge

Axminster CT1502 150mm Planer - Excellent results

The upgrading procedure was straight forward. The cutter head seamlessly aligned, and most importantly, it remained parallel to the beds. I have successfully worked with various woods, including Pine, Sapele, Ash, and Oak, and achieved excellent results. Additionally, the noise level has been significantly reduced compared to when using straight blades.

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installed cutter head

Unit was complete and installed with no problems. I used You Tube instructions and it went well.

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Woodturning Carbide Insert Cutter 16 x 3mm-30° Round Shape for Easy Wood Tools EWT Finsher

Woodturning Carbide Insert Cutter 28 x 10 x 2.5mm Diamond for EWT Detailers

Item was fast delivered and in good quality.

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