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Provide Real Tool to Real Tool People

Findbuytool Co., Limited is a online tool retailing company. We supply good tools to clients all over the world with reasonable price and premium quality. Our factories start serving domestic customers in 1999. With growing demands from the overseas market, we operated an International trading company from 2012 until now. We earn our customers' confidence by improving product and service quality day by day.

Not only do we have experience in both manufacturing and understanding your needs, but also we are a group of tool enthusiasts as you are. Because of that, we know the excitement of testing a new tool and the fun of using it. Our people get together from different backgrounds, but we all love working with tools. We love to talk about your project and endeavor to solve your headache with our products.
Our Story
In the summer of the early 90s, a 7-year-old boy built himself a helicopter model with scarp timber from a construction site with only nails, a hammer, and a hack saw. A whole afternoon of sawing and nailing was really fun. However, the result was frustrating because his parents did not recognize it like a helicopter.

The next year, he got a gift from his uncle, which was a Titanic DIY model. For god's sake, the box came with 500+ pieces and a letter-size guidebook for a 60cm boat model marked ideal for 5-10 years old! The guidebook was impossible to understand, so after 3 months, he had only got a half-finished ship that looked nothing like the picture on the box. The ironic part was, it kept sinking when he sailed it on the public fountain.

A few years ago he planned on building a fancy bonsai shelf with his friend. Due to lack of experience in power tools and hand tools, they ran into a local tool store over and over again for over two hours each time. The shelf was perfect but it cost him two months mostly on purchase and learning tools.

Yep, these are my stories.

As a man who loves creating things for his life, I love using fine tools and appreciate the makers for helping my projects. With years of experience and practice in different fields such as furniture making, wood decoration, cooking, and gardening, I understand the feeling of working with a handy tool. I wish I could time travel back to my childhood and give that boy a case of good tools, give him a clear instruction of that Titanic model, help him and his friend choose the right tools for the bonsai shelf. Thus, I created www.findbuytool.com for you, a real tool man.

We manufacture and select only real tool for you, which comes with clear details and instructions for a fair price. We hope our website, built by a team of tool experts, can save your time and money on selecting and trying. Instead, you can have more time and energy on creating, and enjoying your work and life.

Luke & FindBuyTool Team