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Router Bits

The router, a key power tool for woodworkers, excels in shaping wood for home decor and furniture. Known as router bits or cutters, these tools vary in types like round over, rabbeting, tongue and groove, flush trim, rail and stile, lock miter, chamfer, keyhole, dovetail, straight, and CNC bits.

Findbuytool Router Bits

As one of the most widely used power tools for woodworkers, the router is ideal for creating different shapes and profiles on wood for house decoration and furniture making. The available cutter mounted on the router is known as a router bit, also called a router cutter. Router bits come in many types and profiles, such as round over bit, rabbeting bit, tongue and groove bit, flush trim bit, rail and stile bit, lock miter bit, chamfer bit, keyhole bit, dovetail bit, straight bit, CNC bit, etc.

Findbuytool offers a full line of router bits with 5,000+ industrial gradewoodworking router bits SKUs, manufactured by Tiger Shark brand. Tiger Shark is the largest router bit manufacturing company in Asia. Over the past 30 years, Tiger Shark keeps improving their product quality and launching new products to satisfy customer requirements.

Tiger Shark Router Bit Features:

·High quality raw materials: Micro-grain carbide tips supplied by Ceratizit. Perfect concentricity. Advanced welding technology.
·Perfect finish: No burrs or chips even when processing melamine or laminated boards. Smoothly remove wood chips. You will get a finished piece of work with only one-time process.
·High precision: CNC grinding machines guarantee precise cutting angles. Advanced five-axis measuring equipment ensures the precision of our router bits, up to European standard. Premium and consistent.
·Cost effective: Strong and durable. Fast cutting speed.
·Safety: Excellent design. Firm and stable. Safety guaranteed.

Whether you need a router bit for your handheld router, router table or even CNC router, Findbuytool is able to provide the one that best fits your project at hand. Start to discover our router bits now!